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Orbitrap Astral Mass Spectrometer

Faster throughput, deeper coverage, and higher sensitivity with accurate and precise quantitation

Science isn’t limited by ideas but by the ability to realize them. That is the inspiration behind the novel technology of the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Astral Mass Spectrometer: to redefine what is possible for discovery and translational research. Faster throughput, deeper coverage, and higher sensitivity with accurate and precise quantitation to empower you to accomplish your aspirations. 

The Orbitrap Astral Mass Spectrometer combines three mass analyzers: a quadrupole mass analyzer for high selectivity and high ion transmission, an Orbitrap mass analyzer for high dynamic range and high resolution measurements, and the novel Astral analyzer for fast and sensitive measurements. By combining these three mass analyzers and orchestrating the coordination of 5 separate ion packets within the instrument in parallel a new standard for mass spectrometry performance is achieved to unlock new insights into biology and disease mechanisms.

Realize the promise of proteomics

See how the Orbitrap Astral Mass Spectrometer helps overcome the challenges of insufficient throughput, missing analytes of interest, and the lack of sensitivity to propel the capabilities of proteomics forward for discovery and translational research.

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