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NEW ICP – MS , iCAP RQ Plus Thermo Fisher Scientific

Achieve reliable and accurate trace element results in any sample matrix with the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ RQplus ICP-MS. Advanced argon gas dilution (AGD) technology provides the robustness and stability required to enable daily long-term trace elemental analysis without drift, QC failures or the need to re-run samples. The EasyClick peristaltic pump ensures smooth sample introduction every day without the need for manual adjustment. The Thermo Scientific™ Hawk™ Instrument Performance and Consumables Monitoring System assures efficient, high throughput operation with maximized instrument uptime.

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Simplify your workflow
Accelerate sample throughput, improve data quality, and power through the complexity of elemental analysis in widely varying sample types. Experience maximized ease-of-use, optimized uptime, and consistent, ‘right-first-time’ results, enabling you to increase your productivity and reduce sample turnaround times.

Automate reliable performance​
Validate instrument sensitivity, stability, and robustness performance prior to analysis with the one-click Get Ready feature.​ Compare daily performance data over time to track trends, preemptively enabling you to identify maintenance requirements and avoid unplanned downtime.

Power through challenging samples​
With three pre-set, online argon gas dilution (AGD) modes, high matrix samples, such as saline waters, can be directly measured without manual pre-dilution, saving both time and cost. This approach also eliminates the risk of sample contamination associated with off-line dilution.

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