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Crude Fat Determination in Feed according to the Randall method

Fat is an important nutrient in feed rations for cattle, pig, poultry, sheep, horse and pet foods, as a high energy feed ingredient. Fats and oils, contain about 2.25 times as much digestible energy as the carbohydrates in grain. They are very concentrated sources of energy when added to animal feeds to increase the energy density of the ration. Adding fats and oils will reduce the dustiness of feeds, and reduce ‘fines’ in pelleted diets, adding desirable characteristics which have value. Fats and oils can also improve a ration by improving palatability. In particular, cow nutrition is dependent upon adequate energy, protein, vitamins and minerals in a balanced diet, but research is showing that fat content in a cow’s diet can enhance rebreeding success.
The results here presented obtained with VELP SER 158 are part of the proficiency testing program organized by BIPEA. The SER 158 results have been compared with the BIPEA expected results and were fully in line with BIPEA tolerance range.