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Unseeable? Not with your Charged Aerosol Detector!

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of using Charged Aerosol Detection (CAD) in your LC analysis?

In case you haven’t, let’s do a quick review:

  • Excellent sub-nanogram sensitivity coupled with a wide dynamic range
  • Near-universal detection independent of analyte structure
  • Standard-free quantitation

Yes, these are some analytical gains you’ll get, but certainly not all. That’s because the real power comes when you use multi-detection methods, like HPLC-UV-CAD, for impurity analysis.

But you’ll need a solid understanding of how the detector works and what factors affect the performance before you dive in. And that’s where our new HPLC-CAD Learning Center can help you. Created by our chromatography experts to answer your commonly asked questions, from basics to advanced technical knowledge.

Ready to learn how the CAD can help you see the previously unseeable?

Discover CAD benefits here