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Food Allergens – New Testing Solutions from Neogen

Why Neogen® Test Kits?

A recent review showed that more than 32 million people in the United States (about 9% of the population) are known to have a food allergy. Food manufacturers protect those with food allergies by clearly labeling their products with a list of ingredients. Testing for the presence of food allergens can help ensure food manufacturers that an unlabeled — and potentially dangerous — allergen did not make its way into food products.

Neogen has a wide range of antibody-based assays that can help support this effort and are validated for detecting low levels of target allergen in a wide variety of food and environmental samples.

Qualitative Testing Solutions

Reveal® 3-D for Food Allergens

Our Reveal 3-D tests can be used to screen for the presence of low levels of allergens in environmental samples (swabs and clean-in-place rinses) virtually anywhere. The Reveal 3-D tests feature a unique overload line designed to prevent over-saturation (hook effect) and alert the user of a high positive result. Sample preparation and testing takes 5 minutes, making them excellent choices for on-site food allergen control. Each kit contains everything needed for testing ten samples. In addition, several Reveal 3-D tests are validated to screen for presence of allergen in food products. This method utilizes a robust sampling protocol to ensure accuracy and consistency, while maintaining a rapid time to result. The food testing method is universal across assay and product types, requiring minimal additional equipment and training. The food extraction testing buffer and additional accessories are sold separately from Reveal 3-D kits. Each buffer bottle contains enough buffer to run ten tests and are listed under the starter, extraction, and sampling kits section of this document.

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