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VELP Scientifica Analytical equipment for Milk & Dairy industry

VELP Scientifica have developed and evolved our analytical solutions in close contact with our customers to understand their challenges and provide accurate solutions for: 

  • Fat determination 
  • Nitrogen/Protein determination
  • Casein (Non-casein Nitrogen Determination)
  • Whey proteins
  • Lipids oxidation studies

Related solutions

Distillation Units
Distillers with different levels of automation and productivity for the determination of nitrogen, protein, volatile acids, TVBN, ammonium, alcohol and other parameters.

Digestion Units
Fully automatic and semi-automatic digesters with aluminium heating block.

Solvent Extractors
Fully automatic and semiautomatic solvent extractors for fat extraction and sample preparation.

Oxidation Stability
Innovative reactor for oxidative stability studies of fats and oils.