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Speeding Sample Preparation and API Extraction from Solid Oral Dosage Formulation

a paper from Pfizer, Groton, CT.

Testing showed that the PrepEngine facilitated rapid and quantitative extraction of APIs and degradation products/impurities from IR and CR pharmaceutical solid oral dosage formulations. Extraction efficiencies and precision were comparable to levels obtained with often more time-consuming and cumbersome manual sample preparation and extraction procedures. With the capability to process up to 10 samples in parallel, throughput is excellent when compared to that of most semi-automated procedures such as accelerated solvent extraction and the tablet processing workstation. The device is simple and user friendly, and, when coupled with alcoholic solvents such as mixtures of ethanol and methanol or 100% ethanol, allows for the development of a universal sample preparation and extraction approach for SCT formulations.

You can download this paper here.