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SOLA SPE Products – Consistent excellence for bioanalysis

Thermo Scientific SOLA products are designed for bioanalytical and clinical research analysts who are tasked with providing high quality analytical results from complex biological samples in a high throughput environment, while complying with strict legislation. These demands are compounded by the continued push to higher efficacy drugs and long acting formulations which continue to drive sensitivity requirements to lower levels to enable accurate quantification.

In order to meet these demands, bioanalytical methods must provide:

  • Robustness – low analytical failure rates
  • Ability to process low sample volumes
  • High sensitivity
  • High reproducibility
  • Ease of use
  • High throughput processing
  • Efficient and fast processes

The SOLA SPE range meets these demands due to the unique and innovative frit-less SPE technology which eliminates the issues with traditional loosepacked SPE formats (watch the video below).

Combining the support material and active media components into a solid, uniform sorbent bed provides stable and controllable flow through characteristics and has an added advantage when dealing with viscous biological samples, as it prevents blocking and enables high throughput processing.

The manufacturing process also allows for high levels of reproducibility, not only from cartridge to cartridge or well to well but also batch to batch (see figure below).

THERMO_SOLA_Batch to batch

The SOLAμ SPE range has the added benefit of being able to provide:

  • Up to a 20 fold increase in sensitivity
  • Ability to process samples restricted in volume
  • Increased workflow efficiency and sample integrity

For more information about SOLA SPE Products watch the video below: