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Reproducible IEX analysis of proteins and charge variants

Is reproducibility in analysing proteins and charge variants very important to you? Then, YMC’s BioPro IEX columns are your 1st choice. Their lot-to-lot reproducibility is outstanding! Furthermore, BioPro IEX columns provide high loadability together with high resolution. If you want to achieve fast analysis results, the non-porous version is the ideal solution.

YMC’s BioPro IEX columns provide exceptional binding capacities and recovery rates. These properties and especially their excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility make BioPro IEX columns the best solution for Bio QC!


  • First choice for reproducibility
  • High binding capacity and recovery
  • Outstanding resolution

To find out more about YMC’s BioPro IEX columns please refer to the BioLC section of our homepage or download your copy of the YMC BioLC catalogue which covers all topics including IEX products.