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PTFE – from Berghof for Berghof

Berghof has been developing customized solutions and products of top quality polytetrafluoroethylene since 1966. By using homogeneous high-density materials for our laboratory equipment, we benefit from Berghof’s own experience which combines outstanding material properties, top quality and diligence in ­manufacturing.

Fluoropolymers are varied and versatile in its application. We use high-performance plastic material PTFE in our laboratory equipment because of its outstanding technical properties. The plastic possesses outstanding chemical resistance and allows working temperatures up to 260 °C. The extremely anti-adhesive, smooth surface paired with the hydrophobic behavior ensures low cross contamination and ease of cleaning. Especially our microwave digestion vessels made of Berghof’s own TFM™ PTFE are characterized by long lifespans of usually more than 3 years under standard applications. Through the close cooperation with the Berghof fluoroplastics business segment we benefits in the development of our products of their expertise. It encompasses in-depth material and manufacturing knowledge and is supplemented with outstanding capability in isostatic molding. By using its own manufacturing, Berghof can guarantee that the purity and quality of the ­material will be very high.