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Particle Monitoring – Going Paperless in the Cleanroom.

In the midst of this global pandemic, with so many conferences and training events being cancelled, we want you to know that Lighthouse is developing an expanded Knowledge Center that will be a time-efficient and cost-effective primary source of cleanroom education and training for you and your team.

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9:00 AM – 10:00 AM / Wednesday, April 15th (GMT)
45 Minute Webinar / 15 Minute Q&A

Webinar Overview

  • What does going paperless in the cleanroom mean?
  • How labor intensive are particle counters in a paper environment?
  • Is there an easier way to manage all this paper data?
  • How can you organize Workflow?
  • Common errors in Particle Monitoring data collection
  • How to integrate a particle counter into a data management system?

All attendees questions will be addressed during the webinar Q&A and after by direct email.