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How safe are we from pesticides?

Recently, in a press release from the European Court of Auditors on 5 February 2020, it was announced that the EU has made little progress to action on reducing the risks from pesticides. In 2009 the EU adopted a directive on sustainable use of pesticides to reduce risks to human health and the environment. The regulated states growers much switch to products that minimize health risks, use non-chemical alternatives where possible, minimise or prohibit use of pesticides in aquatic and groundwater areas, and applying pesticides only when other methods have failed (integrated pest management, IPM). Results of the audit found that there were several member states that were found to have not fully adopted the law especially with respect to requiring farmers to apply IPM in to their process. Although the European Commission has increased enforcement of the directive, compliance assessments are necessary to ensure the effectiveness of this important directive.

With increased public awareness and growing enforcement of laws and regulations on the use of pesticides, it is essential to use quality reference materials to support the enforcement of these critical regulations. Learn more about our wide range of ever-evolving pesticides for your analytical testing.

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