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Making the beer of champions..from rainwater???

A toast to the raining champions!

What better way to educate football fans about urgent water challenges, and celebrate a phenomenal season for Manchester City than by toasting the club with a limited-edition beer brewed from rainwater collected from City’s stadium…

We’re excited to team up with Manchester City and Heineken Manchester to produce Raining Champions – a special beer made from purified rainwater collected from the Etihad roof. After the water was collected, it was purified with advanced, proven treatment technologies that produce safe clean drinking water to the highest standards. Then it was taken to the brewery to be brewed, bottled and crowned one of our Raining Champions.

With Manchester averaging about 152 rainy days per year, challenges like water scarcity may seem a world away but the reality is that these issues are closer than we think.

A staggering 3.6 billion people – almost half the global population – currently live in areas that are water-scarce at least one month per year and, by 2050, projections estimate that more than 5 billion people could suffer water shortages. Recycled water is one long-term, sustainable solution to water scarcity.

How It’s Made

And finally, here’s what Raining Champions are made of. Cheers!



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