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new BOD Oxitop system from WTW

OxiTop®-i : BOD easy, safe and convenient

OxiTop®-i is setting a new benchmark in BOD measurement .

Xylem Analytics WTW introduces new heads to the market which abandon the manual calculation and entering data into manual curves. Here are the advantages of the new heads:

  • LCD graphic display with menu controlled input
  • Selection of sample volume for direct calculation of the BOD
  • Choice of measurement period between 1 and 7 days
  • Direct display of the curve – easy monitoring of the data
  • Display of measured values in mg/l – no conversion necessary
  • Control LED for indicating the current operation status
  • ID numbers for sample identification
  • Robust plastic housings in blue and cosmos grey for simple assignment of inlet and outlet

And the best is yet to come: The new heads can easily be integrated into existing systems. All accessories can be used. Unconditionally.


OxiTop®-i : BOD easy, safe and convenient