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Analysis of underivatized amino acids in wines by solid phase extraction and HILIC-MS

Amino acids are the most important nitrogen source during the wine making process, accounting for 30% to 40% of the total wine nitrogen. The amino acid content in wine is influenced by the grape variety, geographical origin, fermentation condition, vintage year, etc.
Wine is a complex sample, containing many types of compounds (such as organic acids, polyphenolic compounds, protein, lipid, and pigments). The amino acid analysis in wine can therefore be a challenging task due to possible interferences and/or contaminants present.

A simple and reproducible solid phase extraction method was developed and applied to six wines for analysis of underivatized amino acids.
The method using HyperSep C18 material generally shows good area precision and recovery of spiked matrix.
Amino acids can be analyzed with high area and retention time precision with the presented HILIC-MS method.

Download here the related application note and find out more.