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YMC J’Sphere ODS Columns with a Range of Hydrophobicity

Alkyl chains of various length, such as C18, C8 and C4, are commonly used for bonding during the synthesis of reversed phase materials to provide different polarity. YMC however, have applied another approach for creating a range of divergent polarities and improving the consistency in the synthesis of reversed phase packings. YMC kept the C18-alkyl chain length constant, but specifically changed content of C18 groups at the silica surface, to produce three different J´sphere ODS packings with graduated hydrophobicity.

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The stepwise decrease of hydrophobicity in J´sphere ODS-H80, M80 and L80 series is accompanied by an opposite increase of the H-bonding capacity. If a sample molecule is susceptible to H-bonding, the resulting interaction represents additional retention and enhances the selectivity in RP-separations.

Available Phases are:
J’Sphere ODS-H80, J’Sphere ODS-M80, J’Sphere ODS-L80

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