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YMC BioPro HIC: Hydrophobic Interaction Columns

BioPro HIC HT as well as BioPro HIC BF are based on a non-porous hydrophobic polymer. They are designed and optimised for analysis and lab-scale purification of antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and other proteins.
Optimized surface modification and column packing method realize high separation performance. High-throughput analysis with a faster flow rate can be achieved together with a high resolution using BioPro HIC HT. The rigid particle provides higher pressure tolerance compared to other HIC columns, which allows higher flow rates and therefore shorter analysis times.

BioPro HIC columns are characterised by:

  • high resolutions even at high flow rates
  • short run times and high throughput
  • excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • long term stability
  • no carryover effects

Available Phases are:
BioPro HIC HT, BioPro HIC BF

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