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Webinar Invitation / Active Air Sampling Technology and ISO 14698

In this free webinar, Jason Kelly, VP of Services Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions will be presenting an information-packed webinar with a Q&A session about Active Air Sampling Technology and ISO 14698.
Get the right answers to assist you in viable monitoring of your cleanroom and critical manufacturing locations.

To Register for the European Webinar:
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM / Friday, September 27th (GMT),
45 Minute Webinar / 15 Minute Q&A, Click HERE.

All attendees questions will be addressed during the webinar Q&A and after by direct email.

Webinar Overview

  • All you need to know about ISO 14698 Part 1&2 and the criticality of this Cleanroom Standard for microbiological control
  • Learn about common cleanroom biological contamination
  • Learn about the methods for monitoring and sampling to meet cGMP
  • Learn about active air sampling technology
  • Learn how to select the right air sampler to meet your operational needs
  • Learn how to meet GMP continuous monitoring for viables during manufacturing
  • Learn how to integrate continuous viable monitoring into your Cleanroom Monitoring System