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VELP Kjeldahl Digestion Units

The digester is a widely used instrument in laboratories performing nitrogen analysis for diversified applications in food&feed, beverage, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • The most common nitrogen & protein determination technique
  • Applications in multiple markets
    Food & Feed / Beverages (nitrogen, protein, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen)
    Environmental (COD, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen)
    Chemical and Pharmaceutical (organic nitrogen) industries
  • Conformity with multiple standards protocols
    AOAC, ISO, EPA, DIN etc.
  • Kjeldahl analysis method
    – Break down the bonds that hold the polypeptides together
    – Convert them into simpler molecules such as H2O, CO2 and NH3
    – Reactions can be speeded up
    by higher temperature used during digestion
    by the presence of acid, salt and catalysts
    – During the reaction corrosive, toxic gases are created
    for example SO2 and SO3
    – Gases can be neutralized using the VELP
    Dedicated pump, able to aspirate gases and vapors
    Scrubber to capture final traces of toxic fumes

Please check the VELP Kjeldahl Digestion Units