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TRUST your foods are all they should be: Food Adulteration and Authenticity Testing

Complexities in the food and beverage supply chain create significant and, at times, relatively easy opportunities for economically motivated fraudulent activities. These opportunities for fraud may occur anywhere in the production process, from the manufacturing site to the consumer, and often go undetected.
In recent years, ensuring the authenticity of food and beverages has become an increasing global problem. Is the product pure? Does it contain any contaminants? Has it been adulterated?
Thermo Fisher Scientific offers advanced instrumentation and solutions that can help determine the known and unknown contaminants of food and beverage products and detect adulteration. From edible oils, juices, alcoholic beverages, milk, meat, fish, honey, and spices, food and beverage products have a fingerprint, a unique chemical and/or signature that allows its components to be identified. We help manufacturers, as well as contract and government laboratories the world over, meet their needs with the widest portfolio of solutions on earth.
With the help of our instrumentation, solutions, and application expertise, uniform quality and integrity can be confirmed in the various phases of the food production chain.
From in-field screening and routine testing to high-end detection, labs know what is riding on each and every determination they make. It is more than simply the quality of their food or beverage product. It is also the reputation of their brand.

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