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THERMO Scientific Vanquish Neo UHPLC System – Beyond Brilliant

Designed for researchers pursuing their next scientific breakthrough, the Vanquish Neo UHPLC system is ideal for LC-MS applications in proteomics, precision medicine, translational research, and more. Combine with Thermo Scientific PepMap Neo nano-flow LC columns for unmatched efficiency and robust performance for shallow gradients, high-throughput applications, and everything in between.

Accelerating proteomics research with Vanquish Neo UHPLC System

All-in-one nano-, capillary-, and micro-flow LC
Thermo Scientific ProFlow™ XR active flow control pump technology delivers excellent retention time precision from nano up to 100 μL/min at pressures up to 1500 bar. Vial bottom detection enables injections from volume-limited samples.

Accelerated productivity
Fast sample loading, column equilibration and ultra-low system gradient delay volume reduce method overhead time, improving sample throughput while enhancing MS utilization.

Maximized performance
Unique low-flow split-loop autosampler design limits sample dispersion, reduces system carryover, and maximizes sample usage. The metering device improves quantitation through high injection volume linearity, precision, and accuracy.

Long-term, trouble-free analysis
Next-generation Thermo Scientific SmartInject technology improves column lifetime and retention time precision. Maintenance-free 1500 bar compatible ceramic valves and near-zero dead volume Thermo Scientific Viper and nanoViper fittings minimize leaks with robust long-term operation.

Intelligent operation
The Thermo Scientific Vanquish User Interface provides walk-up and remote system monitoring and control with automated procedures and guided instrument maintenance and troubleshooting scripts, improving productivity for all users. The intelligent method editor wizard ensures compatibility of method parameters with installed consumables.

Seamless LC-MS integration
The Vanquish Neo UHPLC system excels at high-sensitivity LC-MS applications and seamlessly integrates with the Thermo Scientific mass spectrometry portfolio through a comprehensive suite of ESI sources. Harness speed, robustness and sensitivity with triple quadrupole MS systems or resolution, mass accuracy, and versatility with Thermo Scientific Orbitrap MS systems.

For more information, download the Vanquish Neo UHPLC system brochure