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THERMO Scientific TSQ Plus Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Advance quantitative workflows and increase productivity


Achieve the highest confidence in targeted compound detection and quantitation through leading sensitivity
Greater than five orders of linear dynamic range with high selectivity address the diverse needs for targeted quantitative experiments. Enhanced acquisition speeds empower large-scale studies for translational workflow development or method optimization, with 5 millisecond polarity switching to maximize productivity in fewer experiments.
Where data confidence is required, the instrumental features on the TSQ Plus triple quadrupole mass spectrometers drive high-performance targeted experiments for complex matrices.

Easy-to-use instrument software to simplify method creation and data acquisition
Instrument control software with pre-built templates, direct importation of existing methods, Thermo Scientific mzCloud database integration, and large-scale method editing capabilities help you quickly set up methods and perform refinements to improve productivity. Intuitive instrument calibration routines streamline instrument checks that automatically determine which calibration routines are performed.

Innovative instrument solutions for targeted data acquisition experimentation
Meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges with innovative hardware features that provide next-level experiemental performance. The new active collision cell improves low-mass product ion transmission that is critical for many routine challenges. Superior acquisition speeds and a new power supply enabling 5 ms polarity switching speeds combine with established robustness and reliability to deliver maximum productivity in the most complex matrices.

LC-MS/MS companion software for integrated productivity
Integrated LC-MS/MS software includes capabilities to create single-reaction monitoring (SRM) assay tables with predicted instrumental parameters, perform data processing to determine optimal experimental parameters, and efficiently and confidently process targeted data with customized reporting. The Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) can also manage all facets of laboratory operations.

Ionization and interface options to extend laboratory capabilities
Because targeted sample analysis methods cover a broad range of compound classes and experimental requirements, laboratories require many options to meet experimental needs, from rapid ionization from biological dried spots, to alternative ionization sources. Differential ion mobility can also be used to overcome background interference to extend dynamic range.

Which instrument is right for you?

TSQ Fortis Plus Mass Spectrometer – Robust quantitative performance made simple
Next-level performance combined with robustness and reliability delivering exceptional value for high-throughput analyses.

TSQ Quantis Plus Mass Spectrometer – Accessible extended quantitative performance
Increased sensitivity and performance deliver confident method development and precise quantitation for high-throughput applications.

TSQ Altis Plus Mass Spectrometer – Ultimate quantitative performance made possible
Innovative hardware and software advancements address your most demanding quantitative applications.