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THERMO Scientific iCE™ 3500 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3500 AAS provides unrivalled performance, flexibility, and simplicity. The innovative dual atomizer design enables safe, software-controlled switching between flame and furnace analysis with a single mirror movement. The high precision, double beam optics, combined with an Echelle monochromator produce low detection limits and long-term analytical stability. Unique Quadline deuterium background correction with guaranteed performance is provided as standard. The flame atomizer design incorporates a 50 mm titanium burner with improved solids capability to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your flame analysis. The furnace atomizer includes GFTV, a furnace vision system which improves efficiency and simplifies method development by providing a high definition, real time video of the inside of the cuvette.

Maximize Productivity
This combined Flame and Furnace AAS system, delivers a complete solution for laboratories facing challenging detection limits and needing high through-put sample capacity.
Software-controlled changeover from flame to furnace analysis, without an operator even in the room
Run unattended, automated analysis with fully configurable auto-sampler
SOLAAR software provides incredible support with wizards, optimization routines and automated performance controls
Six lamp auto-aligning carousel for maximum light throughput

Gain Cost Efficiency
Gain even greater efficiency from hardware and accessories designed for cost efficiency.
Innovative Extended Lifetime Cuvettes (ELC) for reduced consumable costs, can be used for thousands of firings
Run analysis with just micro-liters of sample to minimize consumable consumption
Gas flows with intelligent software controls keep gas usage to a minimum
GFTV real time viewing enables precise analysis, time after time

Enjoy Advanced Performance and Flexibility
All the innovation, performance and ease of use you expect from Thermo Scientific instruments come with the iCE3500 AAS.
The unique dual atomizer design provides a second sample compartment where the furnace can be left permanently aligned and ready for use
D2 background correction for flame and furnace analysis as standard
Zeeman background correction available for furnace work, from the optional Thermo Scientific™ GFS35Z™ furnace upgrade
Double beam optics with a dual monochromator consisting of an Echelle prism and a grating

For more information, download the iCE 3000 Series brochure.