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Thermo Fisher Scientific | See your biotherapeutics in high resolution

Analysis of biopharmaceutical therapeutic products demands the use of high-quality HPLC and UHPLC columns to achieve high-quality results. Our Thermo Scientific BioLC columns are designed for high resolution, enhanced sensitivity, faster analyses, and consistent performance.

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Did you know that selecting the right consumables for your biopharma analysis is imperative for your robustness and sensitivity?
See the most common workflows in biopharma and what columns and consumables provide the best results.

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Our new biomolecule column product catalog features easy access to product information and selection tools for our Thermo Scientific DNAPac, Thermo Scientific MabPac, Thermo Scientific GlycanPac and Thermo Scientific ProPac columns.

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Protect your valuable research samples and deliver consistent, reproducible results for your most demanding analyses with our Thermo Scientific SureSTART Performance Level 3 vials and well plates.

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