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Customer Training and Education in HPLC by YMC Europe GmbH

For a modern company continuing education is an absolute must. This is independent from the position one holds, training will improve the skills of the lab manager and the lab assistant in the same manner.

In the complex and cost intensive field of liquid chromatography improved skills will result in significantly greater efficiency, safety and reliability in the daily work and finally improved sales. In addition to the topics given below, YMC training courses can provide an overview of, for example, the basics of HPLC, bio separations or method development.

Preparative chromatography – process development and scale-up

Learn how to develop a preparative process – from phase selection through scale-up to purification!

Contents and learning objectives:

· Three steps to your prepartive method
· How you carry out preparative method development
· Find the balance between purity, yield and productivity – the “triangle” of preparative chromatography!
· Spoilt for choice – how you select the most suitable column
· What you need to consider in method development
· How you determine optimal loadings
· What you need to consider in scale-up
Troubleshooting tips

Glass column packing – laboratory scale and pilot columns

Learn how to pack laboratory and pilot scale columns merging theory as well as practice

Contents and learning objectives:

· Packing methods – how to achieve optimal packing results
· How you determine column efficiency
· What you can learn from column performance evaluation results
· Hands-on experience – pack your own column*

*only during face-to-face seminars

Method development in chiral chromatograpy

Learn the important aspects of method screening and development in chiral HPLC and SFC!

Contents and learning objectives:

· Chiral stationary phases available
· The proof of the pudding is in the eating – how to find the right column by phase screening
· How to optimise parameters such as resolution, run time and selectivity
· How to prolong your coumn’s lifetime
· The next scale – what you have to take into account for purification of chiral compounds

More information about these virtual trainings and further virtual trainings can be found here.