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The new TWISTER | The new mixing drive

From magnetic stirrer to shaker and back!

Why buy multiple lab devices, when one can do it all?

With just one basic unit, you can create numerous new possibilities. Thanks to convertibility and upgrade options, you can use TWISTER as a magnetic stirrer today and as a shaker tomorrow. This is not only environmentally friendly and economical, but also reduces the number of electronic devices and the space required in your laboratory.

Newly designed and already awarded
Flat, light, glassy and operable via touch display: TWISTER is a completely rethought and redesigned mixing professional. It can stir and shake. And even before it’s market launch, it received the reddot Award in the Product Design category.

TWISTER is a master of transformation. The small, elegant plate on your lab bench is initially a magnetic stirrer that packs a punch because it easily manages 3000 revolutions and can reliably stir even the smallest volumes. And then a single attachment turns itinto a shaker, with only a small additional cost and no additional space needed.

And because TWISTER is so clever, it even becomes a multiposition magnetic stirrer in no time at all:
You can connect up to 30 units together in any desired pattern. That’s up to 270 stirring positions for the smallest volumes.

But starting from the beginning …

TWISTER not only looks better than other magnetic stirrers.
It can also do things that other magnetic stirrers can’t.

Mixing in small vessels
With the TW.IX multi-position attachment, the stirring force can be transferred from one to nine small stirring positions. This makes thorough stirring of the smallest quantities particularly easy.

Powerful mixing
The TWISTER magnetic stirrer has a universal and extra-strong drive. As the first magnetic stirrer at IKA, it mixes liquids with viscosities of up to 500 mPas at up to 3000 rpm.

Automatic beaker detection
Place a vessel on your magnetic stirrer. TWISTER recognizes it and starts.
In this operating mode, the intelligent laboratory device no longer needs a start button.

Torque trend indicator
This setting lets you know how much energy your magnetic stirrer is currently using.
Viscosity changes can thus be observed during the stirring process.

Amazingly robust
With protection class IP 66, TWISTER is optimally protected. It can be cleaned under running water without any problems and operation in incubators up to 40 °C is also possible. The glass surface impresses with both its attractive appearance and its outstanding chemical resistance.