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The most important thing is to save your precious things, Time & Cost. ChroZen UHPLC system.

ChroZen UHPLC produces the results 4~10 times faster than conventional HPLCs while ensuring both superior sensitivity and resolution. In addition, the system endures real ultra-high pressure, up to 18,800 psi (1,300 bar), with the powerful pump providing the accurate and precise flow rate by applying the concept of linear drive technology for two pairs of serially coupled pump heads, which means you can fully utilize the UHPLC columns and have the reliable data.

Beyond the Productivity & Efficiency

  • 4 to 10 times faster than typical runtimes on average
  • The solvent selection valve equipped in the pump allows two solvents available per pump to increase your work efficiency
  • Minimized consumption of solvents and samples

Remarkable Resolution & Sensitivity

  • Total reflection cell with the liquid core waveguide technology to maintain the intensity in optical clarity, while minimizing the system dispersion
  • The very fast data acquisition rate, 125 Hz, for the rapid data processing

More than Reliability

  • Stable, precise and accurate flow rate by truly automatic compressibility compensation
  • Dual pistons in series pump with linear drive technology
  • Lower than 0.05 % RSD by the precise flow rate at even the gradient mode.

Download a more detailed technical datasheet here.