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Syncronis HPLC Columns

When developing a new method, one of the most important goals for the chromatographer is to achieve a consistent, reproducible separation. The selection of a highly reproducible HPLC column is essential if this goal is to be attained.
Our Thermo Scientific™ Syncronis™ HPLC columns are manufactured, packed and tested in ISO9000:2008 accredited facilities. Each lot of silica is tested for the physical properties of the silica support and only released for production if it meets the stringent test specifications.
Each bonded lot of chromatographic packing material is rigorously tested for primary and secondary interactions with the bonded phase.
New, enhanced, automated packing methods drive consistency even further and every column is individually tested to ensure that it meets the required quality.
These extensive testing and quality control procedures ensure the delivery of a consistent product, column after column.

Predictability you can count on, it’s a beautiful thing.

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