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Struggling to analyze soils and water?

In the 1960’s, Purge and Trap (P&T) was used in the study of bodily fluids. In the mid-to-late 1970’s, P&T became a technique that was well-known and widely applied due the need to monitor VOCs in drinking water. Using this technique, it was possible to detect sup-ppb level VOCs of a wide variety. Today, P&T is routinely applied in the environmental area for the analysis of VOCs in soil and water. The arrival of microprocessor-driven systems allows the concentrator to be more precise and automated, giving the operator more time for other projects.

When using a concentrator system, a good grasp of the fundamentals will help you prevent problems and assist you when you are faced with tasks such as method development and troubleshooting.

Click to help you develop an understanding of Purge and Trap and how and why compounds are concentrated​.​​

What Is a Purge and Trap Concentrator?

VOC Product Family

• Outstanding sensitivity in trace level of samples
• Reduced trap cooling times to save time
• Improved moisture management for repeatability

• Full automation autosampler for Purge & Trap Concentrator
• Stackable with Lumin
• Hot water rinsing between sample injections

Atomx XYZ
• Automated methanol extractions for high-level soils
• Patented 3-stage needle for efficient extraction of soil samples
• Optimized solution for standard methods (US EPA 502, 524, 8260 etc.)