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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Method development for Thermo Scientific SOLA and SOLAμ

Consistent excellence for bioanalysis
Thermo Scientific™ SOLA™ products are designed for bioanalytical and clinical research analysts who are tasked with providing high quality analytical results from complex biological samples in a high throughput environment, while complying with strict legislation. These demands are compounded by the continued push to higher efficacy drugs and long acting formulations which continue to drive sensitivity requirements to lower levels to enable accurate quantification.

SOLA and SOLAμ meet bioanalytical needs by providing:

  • A robust low sample volume preparation platform
  • Reproducibility at low sample and solvent levels
  • Increased workflow efficiency and throughput
  • Sample enrichment (20 times)
  • Mitigation against solvation and non-specific binding issues

Download a short method development guide here.