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Oxidation Stability of Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a white or pale yellow cream used as dressing for salads, fish or meat dishes. It is a stable emulsion of vegetable oil fractionated in water, with egg yolk as an emulsifier, and flavored with vinegar or lemon juice. Commercial product has a fat content ranging between 70-80%, however an handmade mayonnaise can reach 85%. The low-fat mayonnaise contains starches, cellulose gel or other similar ingredients to simulate the texture of normal mayonnaise.

One of the most important quality alteration of food is due to oxygen absorption by the unsaturated fatty acids, free or esterified. The auto-oxidation of fats is a chemical reaction promoted by light, high temperatures, metal traces and, sometimes enzymes.
OXITEST can determine the oxidation stability of various sample types, without the need for preliminary fat separation.

Download the full application note from here.