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Oxidation Stability of Biscuits

Britain has been the first biscuits producers in history, during the 10th century. It was the bread of the sailors who needed durable bread to eat during their long voyages: made without moisture, it was a hard dough bread, flat shape with all holes in the surface and it was cooked twice, “bis-cooked”. During the 19th century, the formula started to include also butter and sugar to make them delightful, becoming a sort of luxury food. Today the consumption of biscuits is widely spread because they include a range of different shapes and flavors, ingredients and formulas, that make them suitable for all the consumers’ needs.

Oxidation Stability of Food
One of the most important quality alteration of food is due to oxygen absorption by the unsaturated fatty acids, free or esterified. The auto-oxidation of fats is a chemical reaction promoted by oxygen, light, high temperatures, metal traces and, sometimes, enzymes.
OXITEST can determine the oxidation stability of various sample types, without the need for preliminary fat separation.

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