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InnoPore™ Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Disks

This is a productive alternative to liquid/liquid extraction for sample preparation. Adsorbent particles are entrapped into a PTFE matrix creating a mechanically stable sorbent disk. The disks are used for purification and concentration of analytes from aqueous samples. InnoPore™ SPE disks provide an efficient sample prep solution for large volume samples. The disk format provides a much larger surface area for sorbent/sample contact compared to SPE column format. Fast flow rates and high throughput may be achieved with use of an InnoPore™ solid phase extraction disks.
InnoPore™ extraction disks are available in C18 and C8 of sorbent chemistries to complement most analytical applications. Each sorbent exhibits unique properties of retention and selectivity for a particular analyte. The choice of the most appropriate sorbent for a particular is judged based on the difference in chemical nature of the analyte from the sample matrix and the cleanliness of the resulting chromatography. InnoPore™ SPE Disks are manufactured so that their performance is very similar to the well-known Empore™ SPE disks.
The InnoPore™ SPE disks are available in 47 and 90 mm diameters. InnoPore™ 47 mm disks are mainly used for processing samples with fairly low suspended solids. InnoPore™ 90 mm disks are efficient at processing larger volume samples or samples with greater amounts of suspended solids. InnoPore™ SPE disks are high density membranes composed of chromatographic particles averaging 10-12 μm in size. The high density membranes are designed for maximum extraction efficiency with minimal elution volumes for samples that have less matrix interference.

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