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How much microplastic do you eat in a day?

Live webinar on microplastic analysis
May 9 in German & May 11 in English | 11:00 AM CEST (10:00 AM BST)

The topic of microplastics is literally on everyone’s lips: there are many ways in which they enter the environment, and they end up on our plates via the food chain.
Attend this free webinar and learn about a solution for micro- and nanoplastic analysis using pyrolysis in combination with single quadrupole GC-MS or high-resolution GC-MS.
At the end of the webinar, we have time for your questions.

What are the key learnings?
> Understand the complete workflow from sample preparation to a quantitative result shown by an example from food testing (salmon).
> Hear how pyrolysis combined with GC-MS technology provides a fully automated workflow and the required selectivity and quantification abilities.
> Learn how software tools support you to gain the required selectivity for microplastics and to quantify results.

Who should attend?
> Researchers from the food and environmental field
> Control and governmental labs
> Plastic manufacturers that are interested to understand more about the degradation of their products
> Cosmetic industry or research and control labs for this industry

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