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High-throughput mineral oil determination in water samples

High-throughput mineral oil determination in water samples by automated in-vial extraction, clean-up, and on-line GC-FID analysis .

The aim of this work is to demonstrate the high-throughput and the cost-saving benefits
of a validated automated sample preparation workflow for routine analysis of mineral oil
in water samples through in-vial liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) and FLORISIL® clean-up, as
implemented in a public testing laboratory for environmental services.

For testing laboratories, the sample preparation is the typical bottleneck of the entire workflow, in terms of labor time, costs of reagents, and logistics. Implementing an automated workflow is desirable to increase unattended operations and relieve sample load, but the benefits are manifold. This work describes the use of the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH robotic autosampler for a fully automated sample preparation workflow with in-vial liquid-liquid extraction, clean-up, and on-line GC injection for the analysis of total hydrocarbon index in water samples according to the method EN ISO 9377-2 .

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Authors :

Giberto Pintonello,Tommaso Foccardi,Pietro Leinardi Veritas SpA, Venezia, Italy
Mathias Vanlancker Sample Q, Breda, The Netherlands
Elena Ciceri, Paolo Benedetti,Daniela Cavagnino, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milan, IT