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GDE Enzymatic Digester from VELP Scientifica

Reliable and accurate
The analytical procedure for the determination of dietary fiber involves a series of digestions of the sample by thermostable enzymes using the enzymatic digester GDE, which operates in accordance with the official AOAC method for the determination of total dietary fiber.
The magnetic stirrer of GDE ensures homogeneity thanks to a continuous and constant stirring of the sample while avoiding overheating that could compromise the success of enzymatic digestions.

Intuitive and precise
Set the timer for unattended operation, you can quickly set the operating time and focus on other tasks.
The transparent polycarbonate tank ensures visibility and enhanced resistance up to 105 °C; whilst the use of deionized water eliminates any possible creation of limestone.
Outstanding temperature regulation is possible with GDE: through an intuitive digital display it is possibile to set the desired temperature, with an excellent accuracy of only ± 0.2 °C.