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GC Inlet Liners – Which one should I choose? part 1

For Split Injection use Quartz wool in liner:

SGE_GC liners_Split

  • Promotes mixing of analytes and results in better quantitation
  • Provides a large surface area which aids the vaporization of liquid samples
  • Acts as a trap to collect non-volatile residue in the sample
  • Protects capillary column from ‘dirty’ samples
  • Prevents sample hitting the bottom of the injector before volatilization

Quartz wool in the liner located at the optimum position (FocusLiner™)

  • Excellent reproducibility results from wiping of the sample from the syringe needle and preventing droplet formation.
  • Results in lower mass discrimination
  • Quartz wool prevents the sample hitting the bottom of the injector

Double glass baffling (FocusLiner™)

  • Ensures quartz wool remains in the correct position in the liner
  • Top baffle prevents quartz wool shifting towards septum
  • Bottom baffle prevents quartz wool being pushed down into the liner

In SGE website you can find the liner selection tool helps you select the right inlet liner for your analysis.