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Fundamentals of Solid Phase Extraction

Pick up tips to optimize your separations
Chromatography is a relatively straightforward separation technology, but there are always opportunities to increase your operating knowledge and receive reminders about forgotten features and tips to improve efficiency and data quality.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has organize a series of webinars, where you can learn from their extensive range of application scientists about all aspects of chromatography from solvents and sample preparation, gas, ion and liquid chromatography, through to chromatography data system software. Understand where problems are likely to occur, what are the most common issues and how these can be alleviated, changing your approach and methodology for different applications and shortcuts for more efficient and productive chromatography.

Fundamentals of solid phase extraction (SPE) are explained using drugs of abuse as an example for analyte functionalities. Objectives of sample preparation will be discussed, including different types of sample preparations. When to use which sample preparation and what is important to know for parameters like bed volume, chemistry, analyte polarity and all those little things that have to be taken under consideration.
Fundamentals are explained showing different extraction methods and how to adopt them for your analytes. Troubleshooting for SPE is discussed.
Comparisons are shown for liquid-liquid extraction and SPE. Where are the advantages using SPE and when to use which SPE technology.

Key learning objectives:

  • Overview of the theory and concept of solid phase extraction
  • Different sample preparation options and when to use them
  • Step-by-step guide to using solid phase extraction
  • How to troubleshoot solid phase extraction.

Who should attend?

  • Experienced and new sample preparation practitioners
  • Laboratory managers and supervisors
  • Laboratory technicians and operators


Click here to watch the webinar.