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Comparison of Pesticide Extraction in Agricultural Products Using a Manual Shaking Method and Mechanical Mixing with the Geno/Grinder

Since its introduction in 2003 by Anastassiades and Lehotay et al, the QuEChERS method (quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, safe) has proven to be effective and convenient for analysis of multiple pesticides in agricultural products. Increasing concern over the health effects of residual pesticides on fruits and vegetables has led to increased testing of these products to determine the levels of pesticides on produce when it goes to market. The QuEChERS method has allowed analysts to process a greater number of samples in a shorter period of time than with previous methods.
In this study, samples of strawberry, apple, and green pepper were prepared for analysis using both the standard QuEChERS method and a modified method involving mechanical mixing using the Geno/Grinder. The Geno/Grinder is a mechanical disrupter that grinds and mixes materials using a rapid vertical motion. GC-MS results of samples prepared using both methods were compared.