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ARALAB Environmental Chambers and Controlled Environments

ARALAB do not sell machines, they are partners for environmental simulation solutions. Their motivations is taking your projects further, delivering the features you need.
Your own climate.

Some examples of projects they have implemented:
Freeze-Thaw testing chambers for Building materials complying under the EN 1348 standard.
Climatic testing chambers to comply with DIN 50017 – Condensation water test atmospheres.
Curing of concrete samples
U-value measurement Hot-Box: A set of climatic chambers to test the energy transfer between 2 different environments.
Water ingress (spray and splash) protection chambers (IPxX).
Temperature and vibration testing chambers for electronic components.
Combined climatic and UV light testing for solar photovoltaic modules.
Cold bend test climatic chambers for testing cables and wires winding resistance to different temperature and humidity conditions.