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Acid and alkali storage cabinets from asecos with separate built-in compartment for storage of hydrofluoric acid

The technical use of hydrofluoric acid takes place in many areas, including steel processing, metal processing and electronic industry, glass processing, building industry, pharmaceutical industry, plastics sector and plant construction.

Why is hydrofluoric acid something special?
Hydrofluoric acid is toxic and quickly penetrates the skin, destroys deeper dermal tissue layers and can lead to acute threatening metabolic disorders or disorders of the liver or kidney function by inhibiting vital enzymes. A palm-sized chemical burn by 40 percent hydrofluoric acid is usually fatal by resorptive toxicity.
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HF built-in compartment – available at asecos now!
The newly designed HF built-in compartment for storage of hydrofluoric acid allows the separate storage of hydrofluoric acid in the cabinet interior and is separately lockable in addition to the cabinet.
The HF built-in compartment is available, in combination with various interior equipment packages, for asecos acid and alkali tall cabinets in widths of 600 mm and 1200 mm.
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