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YMC Reversed Phase Classics: HPLC Columns with Wide Variety of Selectivity

In order to develop a successful HPLC method, the choice of the optimal selectivity is essential to establish efficient separation conditions. The best suited packing material depends significantly on the characteristics of the separation conditions, which should be thoroughly considered.
For this purpose YMC offers a wide variety of selectivities applicable to HPLC from nano-scale analysis to large scale isolation. In addition to the best-selling YMC-Pack ODS series YMC has several other phases in its portfolio to fulfil customer’s separation requirements.

Available Phases are:
YMC-Pack Polymer C18, YMCbasic (equivalent to C8), YMC-Pack C8, YMC-Pack Ph (Phenyl), YMC-Pack C4, YMC-Pack Protein RP (equivalent to C4), YMC-Pack TMS (C1), YMC-Pack CN

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