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YMC BioPro IEX: HPLC columns for high resolution IEX applications

Ion exchange chromatography (IEX) is widely used for analysis and purification of biomolecules. BioPro ion exchange columns are specifically designed for separation of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids.
BioPro IEX columns are based on porous and non-porous hydrophilic polymer beads with low nonspecific adsorption. They also show higher binding capacity and higher recovery of biomolecules compared to conventional IEX columns. The completely spherical, monodisperse beads, together with optimal packing technology, provide high theoretical plate numbers and symmetrical peak shapes!

Available Phases are:
BioPro IEX QA (porous), BioPro IEX SP (porous), BioPro IEX QF (non-porous), BioPro IEX SF (non-porous)

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