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Why is high glass quality so important when you want to detect low concentrations of analytes?

Have you ever thought about the quality of your glass vial? If not, this study will give you an overview, why glass quality is so important, especially when you want to detect small concentrations or certain structures of analytes.
In this study drugs (e.g. Doxepin, Clomipramin, Bromperidol (containing trisubstituted N-atoms = tertiary amines and other TCA´s) have been investigated in serum in order to see the effects of certain glass qualities. The results are reported by reproducibility data using different types of 2 mL autosampler glass vials.
If low concentration levels need to be measured, the glass vial is more important than the instrument used. If the analyte sticks on the glass wall, it is not injected into the chromatographic system. The instrument measures only what is injected. The key for success reaching low levels is the glass vial.

Download the related white paper here.