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What Would Be More Needed Than This Excellent GC/MS?

With its excellent ultra-inert ion source, UEIS (Ultra Efficiency Ion Source), ChroZen GC/MS optimises the ionisation and ion beam focusing to enable both ideal repeatability and sensitivity, and efficiently works for toxicology, food safety, and geochemical applications, where samples can be polluted higher. The large capacity of the standard vacuum pump (240L/s) stabilises the system faster and 300L/s of vacuum pump is also available optionally. It also provides the widest mass range (1.4~1,200 amu) as well as a very low instrument detection limit (less than 10 fg of OFN).

Innovation Creates Greater Efficiency
The newly designed innovative ion source, UEIS (Ultra Efficiency Ion Source), effectively prevents ion source contamination, thus, there are more ionised molecules transferred to the detector to give superior sensitivity and the detector lifetime gets extended. The individually connected double filaments and structural modification of ion source make the maintenance cost less expensive and more efficient.

Easy and Intuitive Tune Software
The easy-to-use automatic tune enhances sensitivity, stability, and reproducibility of MS results, which means it makes sure of achieving lower detection limits for trace-level compounds. A manual tune for customization supports the tune setting value change to achieve higher levels of sensitivity required by certain specific analysis.

What You Get from ChroZen GC/MS Is..

  • UEIS (Ultra Efficiency Ion Source) with each enhanced part such as lens and pre-filters to maximise efficiency of ionisation for superior sensitivity
  • EM (Electron Multiplier): Six spiral multiplier channels to increase linear output current for excellent sensitivity (SNR 2,500:1, IDL < 10 fg)
  • Wide mass range: 1 ~ 1,200 amu
  • Rapid scan speed: Up to 20,000 amu/s
  • High capacity of turbo pump: 240L/s of standard vacuum system for fast stabilisation
  • Double filaments: Uninterruptible and stable analysis to minimise instrument downtime
  • EI as standard and CI (PCI & NCI) as option
  • Various library support depending on application

Download the related brochure here.