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Webinar: Tips and tricks to select the right columns during LC-MS method development

SAVE the date: Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Ion suppression is a major issue during LC-MS method development where C18 columns are usually used. Sometimes it’s necessary to think out of the C18 box to avoid this.

This webinar will show:
Common ion suppression issues related to analytes and their logP`s as well as matrix dependence
Solutions to move analytes out of ion suppression fronts by changing the HPLC column selectivity
Overview of certain selectivity’s and how to choose one
How to transfer a method from spherical silica to core shell materials
Solutions to injection related issues
Other causes of ion suppression during method development
What else has an influence on the results
General tips and tricks on how to avoid commonly seen issues

Learning points:
What causes ion suppression and how to move an analyte out of this front
What selectivity’s are available outside the C18 box
How to create a method development

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