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Vial leakage in headspace analysis

In headspace Gas Chromatography leaks at the headspace vial crimp seal – caused by improper vial crimping – are responsible for a significant number of bad analytical results.
Improper vial crimping can be due to many factors: defective consumables, inefficient crimping tools or even inexperience of the technician. An improperly crimped vial will leak when the internal pressure of the vial increases during the incubation time that anticipates the headspace injection. This event will cause the loss of volatile samples and consequently misleading results.
Headspace vial leak checking helps in getting confidence about the accuracy and consistency of the analytical results and to confirm the data robustness.
HTA has developed a solution to automatically detect vial leakage with a static test. Compared to the dynamic test, this test is better because it prevents dilution effect or equilibrium alteration. Vial leakage check is an exclusive feature of HTA autosamplers between syringe-based headspace autosamplers. In addition, the developed technology is currently patented.

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