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VELP Scientifica solutions for Food and Beverage industry

For over thirty years VELP has been producing solutions that guarantee and improve food quality by supporting producers from the analysis of the raw material to the finished product. Our goal is to provide reliable, precise and accurate solutions that facilitate laboratory work.

Analytical measurements in food and beverage manufacturing today require effective and efficient instrumentation to face the industry challenges such as food frauds, efficient food processing and quality control.  Local and Global guidelines help to regulate the sector and define the limits along the food chain, from primary agricultural production to food processing and consumption. VELP instruments, in fact,  are designed to follow the most important international and local standards.

Related solutions

Digestion Units
Fully automatic and semi-automatic digesters with aluminium heating block.

Distillation Units
Distillers with different levels of automation and productivity for the determination of nitrogen, protein, volatile acids, TVBN, ammonium, alcohol and other parameters.

Solvent Extractors
Fully automatic and semiautomatic solvent extractors for fat extraction and sample preparation.

Oxidation Stability
Innovative reactor for oxidative stability studies of fats and oils.

Fiber Analyzers
Automatic and semi-automatic crude and detergent fiber extractors.