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VELP Scientifica | Innovative solutions for Academia & Government Labs

VELP collaborates with University and research centers to develop new solutions and to provide analytical instruments with the highest safety, precision and accuracy requirements to guarantee maximum performance to private and public institutions. 

Academia and Government lab are very transversal and we have experience in supporting these laboratories for: 

  • Food, Feed and Beverage testing 
  • Food fraud prevention 
  • Applied research 
  • Food and Environmental security tests.

Related solutions

Digestion Units
Fully automatic and semi-automatic digesters with aluminium heating block.

Distillation Units
Distillers with different levels of automation and productivity for the determination of nitrogen, protein, volatile acids, TVBN, ammonium, alcohol and other parameters.

Solvent Extractors
Fully automatic and semiautomatic solvent extractors for fat extraction and sample preparation.

Oxidation Stability
Innovative reactor for oxidative stability studies of fats and oils.

Fiber Analyzers
Automatic and semi-automatic crude and detergent fiber extractors.