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VELP introduces Ermes Cloud Platform

Welcome to the Smart Lab

Improve your laboratory experience with secure VELP Ermes Cloud Platform and access to your VELP instruments working conditions and data anytime and anywhere.

VELP Ermes creates a connected ecosystem of devices, people and data that transmit information between each other cutting down distances and expanding your scientific potential.


Always Connected…

Monitor and manage multiple instruments and consumables 24/7 from your pc, tablet or smartphone with VELP Ermes.

Real time visualization of your analysis and of your instrument working conditions.

…Always Updated

Receive immediate event and alert notifications based on your setting within the platform and via email.

VELP Ermes guarantees peace of mind and total control of your VELP instruments thanks to the remote stop of the instrument. 

Safely manage your Data

VELP Ermes collects and stores your data with the maximum level of encryption following the highest cyber-security standards.

You are now able to have access to your primary and secondary data anytime, anywhere.

Easy to Use and Fast Software Updates

Effortlessly connect your VELP instrument to VELP Ermes cloud platform via secure Wi-Fi or cable.

Create your account, start surfing the platform and easily get the software updates for your instruments.

Smart Workflows

With VELP Ermes you will reduce your daily manual tasks.

Thanks to VELP Ermes Laboratory Management and User Management be sure to share and grant access to instruments and data to specific people in your organization by customizing your users and groups permissions.

Reports, Insight and Trends

Get access to your results, create reports and easily share them with your peers in different file formats (excel, csv, pdf, LIMS etc.).

Track Trends and get Insights on your scientific work.